Gandhi’s Glasses Auctioned, India Likely to Bid

India’s Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses and other artifacts are being auctioned at the Antiquorum auction house on New York Madison Avenue.

The Indian government is set out do what ever necessary to regain the priced possession and revert back to where it belongs. India may participate in the bidding to reclaim the famous metal rimmed glasses and several other items. The glasses are to be auctioned along with Gandhi’s sandals, bowl, pocket watch and plate with letter of authenticity. The estimated price can go up to as high as $ 30,000.

Mahatma Gandhi, the freedom fighter that led India towards its freedom from the British colonialism is popularly known for his non violence protests. The items are priceless to the Indians as, it would be for anyone who considers the person to be the Father of the Nation. The Indian cultural ministry Secretary, Jawhar Sircar said that the government would do the necessary to get back the artifacts, and is speculating various options right now. The glasses and other items should find it way back to the Indian subcontinent, the land where it belongs.

Via: CNN