Gift Guide 2010: Most Eclectic Gift Guides For Wine Lovers From All Over The Web

Now that we have covered just about every nook and cranny of the holiday season and the most suitable gifts for men, women, kids etc., it’s time to head down to the very core of the festivities, that mark the entire holiday fiesta including Christmas and New Year. Nearly every household across the globe is now preparing to host get together and parties to celebrate the onset of the year 2011 and what better way to enjoy the new year’s eve with family and friends than to enjoy a glass of some of the finest wines and liquors available specifically for these occasions.

After compiling a rather exhaustive 2010 gift guide for covering nearly every topic including wines and liquor, we set out to scour the web to bring forth a host of other reputable blogs and their insights into the world of alcohol and related beverages deemed most suitable for the holiday season celebrations. These entities have really given a whole new spin to the liquor world, bringing out the best drinks designed to make your festive season experience all the more grand.

  • Luxist: One of the most prominent luxury blogs on the Internet, Luxist, came up with an insightful and quite a mouth watering gift guide for wine lovers. This expansive gift guide features some of the most exquisite whiskies, that have been aged to perfection for the best possible taste. Some of the products included in this gift guide are Glenfiddich Phoenix Single Malt, Bowmore Tempest Single Malt, Ballantine’s 17-Year Old Blended Scotch Whiskey, Glenlivet Founders Reserve.

Luxist Gift Guide For Wine Lovers

  • Esquire: A most renowned fashion & lifestyle magazine, Esquire, for the 2010 holiday season has created a fabulous gift guide, where in it has accumulated and featured some of the most exotic alcohols and related gifts. These insatiable drinks come in gorgeous bottles and the collection is comprised of some of the most popular brands such as Trinidad 2000 Plantation Rum, Krogstad Aquavit, Château de Fontpinot XO, Del Maguey Mezcal Vida etc.

Esquire Gift Guide For Wine Lovers

  • Luxist (Champagnes): Coming to a little lighter side of alcohol, folks over at Luxist have compiled a very informative gift guide for champagne lovers, designed to bring the best out of this year’s holiday festivities. These delicious champagnes are not only sensational but are also quite vintage in nature. Some of these incredible drinks include Billecart-Salmon 1990 Grande Cuvée, Philipponnat Clos des Goisses 1999 Brut, Krug 1996 Clos d’Amonnay, Salon 1997 Blanc de Blancs  etc.

Luxist (Champagne) Gift Guide For Wine Lovers

  • Huffington Post: One of the most prominent American news websites, Huffington Post, took another approach in the case of gift guide for wine lovers, as their gift guide is based on the numerous wine tour packages available for the 2010 holiday season. From French countryside to the incredibly famous Napa Valley in California, these tours are designed to bring the wine and liquor enthusiasts closer to where all the action is. Right at the heart of it all, the vineyards.

Huffington Post Gift Guide For Wine Lovers