Gift Guide 2010: The Top Ten Holiday Gifts For Your Beloved Pet

The holiday shopping season each year witnesses loads and loads of people immersing themselves in the joy of Christmas and the anticipation of a new year to come. The entire holiday season represents out faith and believe in good and therefore our wish to celebrate this pious and utterly joyful occasion with as much fanfare as possible. However, we need to remember one very crucial fact of life and that is, God not only created us, but also created the animal kingdom, from where we take selected animals and breeds and call them our own in the form of our pets. Those furry little cats, the cuddly dogs, the cute rabbits etc. once adopted into a man’s life become a part of any individual’s daily life.

Knowing the fact that, our readers really adore and admire their pets and would love to do something special for them this holiday season, here at Trends Updates, we decided to come up with a gift guide exclusive tailored for pets, where you can choose as to what would be the most suitable gift for your pet, or for someone else you know, who has a pet. These products and services are extremely well designed, to the extent that, your pet would most definitely enjoy them this holiday season.

  • Cat Warming Window Seat:  Good news for all you pet owners out there living in the colder regions and getting worried about the effects of the harsh temperatures on your felines. Introducing the all new Cat Warming Window Seat, that has been designed to provide your fragile kitty cat warmth and a comfortable place to cuddle in. This incredible new window seat keeps the temperature at a cozy 12 to 15 degree Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature. The cat warming window seat can be easily attached to any windows sill with its included window brackets and the seat itself is powered from a conventional 24” wide wall socket. The Cat Warming Window seat is available with a price tag of $79.95

  • The Feline Tree House: Another remarkable product, that would surely be most suitable for your adorable kitty this holiday season is, the all new Feline Tree House. Designed and developed to become in tune with the primal animal instincts of a cat, this incredible tree house is made from dragonwood tree harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia. Most of tree is left in its natural shape, while a few additions have been given to it, so as to make your pet more comfortable while sitting in the tree. Three carpeted platforms have been fitted into the tree house to provide maximum comfort to the pet, along with realistic silk foliage so as to make the cat feel right at home in the wilderness. The feline tree house is available with a price tag of $799.95.

  • Quilted Car Hammock: Now, this product is a much welcomed addition to this gift guide, as it serves the purpose of both the pets and the owners. The all new Quilted Car Hammock provides you with a quilted polyester fabric that can be spread in the back seat of your car for you pets to sit and play in. This incredibly useful hammock also comes with a built in waterproof barrier. Available in three different colors and with a price tag of just $29.98, the quilted car hammock is a must have for all pet owners with a vehicle.

  • Catemporary Cat Corner & Shelf: Another friendly furniture for your cat, the Catemporary Cat Corner & Shelf has been designed to provide a beautiful look to wherever its kept, thereby also acting as an art furniture for your living room. At an elevation of just 177 cms, this incredible cat tower fits discreetly in any room and your feline friend can have a rather jolly good time playing on it. Also, the cattemporary cat corner and shelf comes with wall anchors, so it can be securely placed and doesn’t slip. Available in different kinds of woods, this one of a kind cat tower comes with a price tag of $249.99 and the cat shelves carry a price tag of $49.99

  • Rolling Leather Pet Carry On: A most disturbing sight to see is at the airport, when your pet is being carried away in a cage and all you can do is watch and feel sorry for him/her. But not anymore. With the all new Rolling Leather Pet Carry On, you can now easily transport your most adorable pet wherever you go and never have to worry about its comfort and security. The Pet Carry On is made from highly durable lambskin and the bag comes with a soft polyester fabric lining, that accentuates your pets’ comfort. Also, this highly useful travel bag also has mesh windows, to provide adequate ventilation, along with three exterior pockets for treats, leashes, or toys. The Rolling Leather Pet Carry On is available with price tag of $199.95.

  • Bowhaus Modern Dog Crates: Creating an unmatched mix of modern art and pet care, one of the leading names in pet products, DenHaus, has now introduced the all new BowHaus modern dog crates. These gorgeous dog crates aren’t only comfortable for your beloved pet, but they also add a special signature of modern art to your household. The Bowhaus modern dag crate comes in round shape along with a beautiful starburst design and is made in powder-coated steel. This incredible dog crate is most suitable for cats and dogs and comes with spacious ventilation for the utmost comfort of your pets. The Bowhaus Modern Dog Crate is available with a price tag of $599.

  • Dapper Dog-Dog Tie: Now that your pet is all cozy and comfortable, let’s now take a look at a new product, that though is not nearly as big as our previous entries, but would certainly give your pooch a very nice and decent touch. We are talking about the Dapper Dog-Dog tie, that is designed to further beautify your cute and cuddly dog. This beautiful dog tie, which is available in a various colors is made from pet friendly material and the tie comes with a Velcro collar, that itself is adjustable. The Dapper Dog-Dog Tie is available with a price tag of just $9.95.

  • Martha Stewart Grooming Tote:  From the Queen of lifestyle and home décor, Martha Stewart, comes an all new accessory for your pet, that has  been designed to be more useful to the owners. The Martha Stewart Grooming Tote, is a beautifully designed, 100% polyester bag, that has been manufactured to help the pet owners keep the pet grooming tools of their pets in one place, neatly and organized. The grooming tote comes with two front pocket, two mesh side pockets and one large zipper pocket at the back of the bag. This gorgeous grooming tote bag is available for just $19.99.

  • Moderncritter Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher: Coming back to our feline friends, one of the emerging names in pet care and products, Moderncritter, has now come out with an all new product called, Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher, that is designed to a favorite cat toy. The cat scratcher is made entirely from highly durable renewable poplar plywood and the scratcher is coated in a scratch resistant clear matte lacquer finish, thereby making it last a lot longer than any other pet product. This cat scratcher can be placed in an assortment of variations including laid down, hanging or simply leaning. The Moderncritter Bent Plywood Cat Snatcher is available with a price tag of $285.

  • The Real Bitches of New York:  This holiday season, it’s time to take your pet dog or bitch from her crate and get her to the spotlight of fame and glory, with The Real Bitches of New York. One of the leading dog clothing franchises, Bitch New York, is now conducting auditions for its newest online campaign, ‘The Real Bitches of New York’. The company is currently on a city wide search for five fabulous dogs from 5 New York City boroughs. Interested pet owners can send photos and stories of their dogs to Bitch New York here. As per the terms and conditions of the campaign, all the chose dogs will have to be made available for photo shoots and video shoots for at least 90 days.