GlideTV Navigator Takes Remote Control to the Next Level

HTPC, over-the-top video remote control space has been really big these days and GlideTV Navigator is one of the latest arrivals into the scene. The GlideTV comes with an amazing absolute mode in which you can use your touchpad as your display as well. It is also clickable and is surrounded by 8 physical buttons.


The unit looks pretty sculpted and comes with backlit features which make it easy to be used and is ergonomic as well, regardless of whether you are right or left handed. It supports Windows, Mac OS A and also the PS3. It costs $150 and is a little expensive for a remote controlled gadget but I am sure you would not want to miss the opportunity of using something as cool as this.


I really like this gadget though one may need some time to understand all its features. It is one of those gadgets that are technically advanced enough to leave you breathless and feeling like you are out of touch with technology. Nevertheless, you could get the GlideTV Navigator for $150 and it would be a great investment as well. With its sleek looks, it is a sure winner.


Via: Zatznotfunny