Good Ideas Glow In The Dark For Adris Group

‘Good ideas glow in the dark’ is a unique promotional campaign run by the Adris Group which earns our admiration hands down. Apparently, even the financial hard times could not affect business for the company which, by the way, was very good for the year 2008. And so, it just wanted to have a way to show off its business success.

The theory is that even in the most difficult circumstances, what makes the human spirit win is the strength of a good idea. And from what it looks like, the Adris Group has 3000 of them owing to the number of its employees. These very ideas were exchanged between people until their radiance was powerful enough to light up the future.

Also, the promotional ads make it clear that it is the cumulative effort of all the people working for a bright future that made things work for the Adris Group. And the annual report glows because it is charged with over 3000 good ideas. Like we said it’s a unique celebration of ‘Good ideas that glow in the dark’. The creative team had Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žini? as the creative directors with Daniel Vukovi? and Ivan ?adež doing the copywriting and Tomislav Jurica Ka?uni? doing art direction while Igor Mileti? played designer.




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