Google Android Outsells Apple iPhone Sales In The U.S.

Since the onset of the Google Android operating system platform for mobile devices, many had speculated the rise of this new OS, so much so that, it was predicted to outgun nearly all existing mobile operating systems. And that’s exactly what has happened, as Android powered devices have taken a lead ahead of the highly prestigious Apple iPhone.

For the first time in recent history the sales of the Google Nexus One soared, amounting to 27% of total handset sales in the U.S as per the Nielsen Company and this surge in the handset sales broke past the Apple monopoly of 23% market share. The success of Android powered handsets isn’t only confined to the United States alone, as according to the technology analysis firm, Canalys, the Android phenomenon took the world by storm with an astounding 886% increase in handsets sales against the quarter from last year.

Even though Google Android surfaced in the market about two years ago, yet it is still relatively new when it comes to various established and long serving mobile operating systems, such as iOS 4, Blackberry, Symbian etc. and the popularity of Android has brought several handset manufacturers back into the game. Motorola for one is a perfect example of how Android turned the fortunes of these companies overnight, including HTC, a company that was known for the use of Microsoft Windows Mobile as the sole operating system for its handsets has also quickened its pace to adopt Google Android as the primary operating system for its handsets.

Via Fast Company