Google Brand Gets Ripped Off With 'Googlle Insitute of Software Studies'

Some folks in India it seems have decided to tear the good name of Google and have launched a computer teaching institute, by the name of . The name seems pretty much like Google at the first glance, but when observed closely, there is indeed an addition, and that of the letter “L” to it. The School For Future Software Engineers (nickname for the institute) has surprisingly not only copied the search industry giant’s name, but has also taken over the logo as well as the favicon for their website.

The Googlle Insitute of Software Studies is offering degrees in GCPA – Googlle Certified Professional in Advanced Computing and GCPE – Googlle Certified Professional in E-Commerce courses that, would normally make a person a dedicated professional in the field of e-commerce and would become a near expert in Windows Professional and “Linux Professional operating systems.

As per the details provided in their website, the Googlle institute is apparently owned by a C.B.Online Pvt. Ltd, that has been portrayed as an online business provider, with its base of operations in Orissa, India, at the Rajarani Petrol Pump Complex. Furthermore, the website seems to be completely non-legitimate, as almost every page from the site leads to dead end pages and the website itself is scarcely accessible.

Via TechCrunch.