Google Finally Receives FTC Approval For The AdMob Acquisition Deal

The U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally given its approval to Google for the highly anticipated $750-million acquisition of mobile advertising firm AdMob, since the FTC was requested by consumer advocacy to revoke and block the deal. The FTC has stated that, even though the entire acquisition deal of AdMob by Google seemed to create a lot anti-trust issues, yet with Apple Inc. now jumping in the mobile advertising field, the deal seemed to be legal and justifiable.

The Google AdMob deal has been under intense fire from consumer advocacy groups, most notable of them being Consumer Watchdog and the Center for Digital Democracy, that had approached the FTC with a request to block the proposed deal. These groups argued that, if this deal goes through, the consumers, advertisers and application developers would be at a risk and loss as the search giant would the have an absolute monopoly over the mobile advertising platform.

However, the introduction of Apple’s mobile advertising platform iAd and the acquisition of the mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless by Apple for $275 million in the month of November, last year, paved way for tangible competition between Google and Apple in the field of mobile advertising, thus leading to the acceptance of the Google AdMob deal.

According to Google,

“We’re very excited about the possibilities in this field. As an immediate matter, we’re now moving to close this acquisition in coming weeks. We’ll then start work right away on bringing AdMob’s and Google’s teams and products together. This industry is moving fast, and we’re excited to be part of the race!”

Via Official Google Blog