Google Headquarters in London to Be Refurbishes a La Big Brother

Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Nelson Mattos, says that they need brightest engineers with brilliant ideas. The work environment should be of relaxed and exiting which will encourage and enhance their creativity. So the new floor with office opened in London headquarters, looks like Big Brother house provides the desired effect which was updated on 7th December of this month. About three hundred and fifty staff started using L4 floor which is recently renovated engineering floor one of the trendiest in globe. Here all the engineers come up with brilliant creative ideas.

The search giant comes with meeting rooms with unusual angular sofas, the corridors resembling the starship; the workers could play video games during breaks. There is also soundproof music room with guitars, drums, garden area with deck chairs. Workers could enjoy nineteen different blends of coffee in coffee lounge with pool tables and games consoles. The employees will be comfortable and creative with deck chairs in the outer door garden area.

Working in an atmosphere like this will be a fun as the revamped office has bean bags and couches with cushions which offer comfortable work place. If any creativity is in you, you could write small notes on what you think on the floor to ceiling white boards in the corridors. London offices were the place for voice search, personalized search, and android web browsing. Kitchen will be always remained stocked with beverages and snacks so that they could keep the engineers’ brains stimulated with enough liquid and food on offer. For global operation, London office is an important part where the team is being responsible the most popular iPhone and Android apps. Open spaces gives an opportunity for interactions that result in greatest ideas.