Google Inc.: From Internet Search To Real Estate. How Google Keep Evolving!

Google Inc. is one corporate entity that, seems to spread its wings and reach out to every vertical of the corporate sector and then capitalize on a single point of, ‘advertising’. Since the acquisition of the travel search engine ITA by Google, the Internet search behemoth has now finally entered in to the travel business, that before the acquisition seemed to be a clutter of information on Google’s search pages.

With the help of the ITA acquisition, Google will now be able to serve the users with flight pricing and comparison directly in the search engine pages, thereby reducing the search time considerably and giving the users more comprehensive information, in the search pages itself. But, there is one sector in the industry today, that so far has been a little out of reach of Google, and that is the real estate sector. Currently, some of the biggest real estate websites, such as and Redfin are enjoying numerous web traffic sent to them via Google, thanks to the millions of URLs being indexed by Google. Yet, most of the traffic that arrives to these websites is generated from organic, unpaid Google searches, wherein Google itself doesn’t make much money.

However, if Google was acquire a company such as the likes of ITA in the real estate business, then the company could surely raise a lot revenue, purely because, more and more real estate agents would pay a lot more to be placed in the top rankings of Google search and Google will also be able to provide these entities, with a broader scope of advertising, focused on Google listings.