Google Inc. Launches The All New Google Hotel Finder Officially Stepping Into The Travel Industry.

One of the biggest names in the technology world and the global search behemoth, Google Inc. has now officially stepped in to the travel industry with the launch of an all new service called, Google Hotel Finder. Though the web is full of online hotel search services, yet the emergence of Google in this field has certainly spread much anticipated excitement amid the online travel realm. The Google Hotel Finder essentially provides the users with vital information in regards to hotels such as locations, prices and ratings. This in turn will enable the users to make informed decisions for their hotel reservations, thereby making their trips and vacations all the more streamlined. Google Hotel Finder is quite like any such service out there and provides quite a user friendly UI to ensure maximum representation of information.

Google Hotel Finder enables the users to type in a city’s name and get the list of the available hotels that also come with ratings on the extreme right. The prices mentioned in the list are the prices offered by the hotel themselves and there is also a comparison given against the rates for the city. The city rates represent the presence of statistical information such as luxury amenities and other services. Once you have made your choice, simply click on the ‘Book’ button, this will in turn present you with a list of hotel rates offered via Travelocity,, Expedia, and the hotels’ own website. As of now Google Hotel Finder has been classified as an experimental product and more is expected to be added to this remarkable service.

Via PC World