Let It Snow: Google Grants You the Wish!

Google always comes up with cool new ways to entice its users to stick on to the search engine. The company never gets shaken by all the competition and moreover there really isn’t much competition against Google anyway. Nonetheless, they still make sure that their users are always in store for surprises. This time around, when you type using them. Google has done in this just before the holidays and it surely is a great way to entertain the users. Google has programmed the site in such a way that their newest Easter Egg drops all the snowflakes right on your screen. This is not the first time Google has tried something like this.

In fact, much earlier, Google had created a do a barrel roll’ act which did just that on the screen. With the help of such stunts, Google seems to be holding on to a large number of Internet users who swear by the site’s simplicity and efficiency in search results. It is not clear what would happen to its competitors like Bing and Ask, and I personally don’t use any other search engine anyway. Would you use any other search engine and if so, please let us know why so, in the comments section below!