Google Maps Co-Founder Lars Rasmussen Dumps Google & Moves On To Facebook

One of the most pivotal personalities in the lap of Google Inc., Lars Rasmussen has now left the comforts of perhaps the most beloved employer in the world and has finally decided to move on to the most active and popular social networking service on the web, Facebook Inc. Mr. Rasmussen, who is best known as the co-founder of Google Maps, had been working for Google and has been instrumental in the success of Google Maps and the engineering of Google’s social networking effort, Google Wave. As per reports, Lars will be leaving his home base of Sydney, Australia and will relocate to San Francisco, where he will begin his tenure with Facebook next month. The recruitment of Lars Rasmussen into Facebook has now been officially confirmed by the social networking behemoth and the company is said to be looking forward for Lars’s efforts and engineering skills.

A major contributing factor to the departing of Lars Rasmussen from Google, has been the failed Google Wave project, that was eventually taken down by Google, despite repeated persuasion from Lars and his team. Google Wave had been the vision of Lars to create a more profound platform for online communication and collaboration, that was personally given the green light by Google co-founder, Sergey Brin. Eve though the service did have some pretty interesting features, yet it failed to entice the uses as Google had hoped it would, thereby leading to the demise of Google Wave. Another reason for Lars joining Facebook is the company’s manpower figures, that are significantly lesser than Google’s, thereby making it more flexible for Lars to work on his ideas, As of now, Google has 25,000 employees, where as Facebook has only 2,000 employees.

According to Alan Noble (Engineering Director, Google Australia),

“Lars made great contributions to Google in innovative products like Google Maps and Google Wave. He was also instrumental in starting engineering in the Google Sydney office. We wish him all the best.”

Via Sydney Morning Herald