Google Now Introduces Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) For Web Search

One of the emerging and most reliable as well as preferred means of online connections to have been widely accepted all over the web has been the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The SSL protocol essentially creates an invisible secure connection between the computer and the service employing the protocol such as various financial, banking and e-commerce websites. One of biggest entities of the Internet, Google has been known to use the SSL protocol for its various services including Gmail, Google Docs etc. Now, the search has begin the induction of SSL into its web search engine, though currently in the Beta mode only.

The all new SSL Google search page, will provide the users with an encrypted connection between their browsers and Google servers, thereby securely transmitting the search information to the users, without fear of the information being intercepted by a third party. The all new Google page has been modified a bit, so as to deliver identifiable differences between the conventional and the new SSL enables Google search pages. Furthermore, as with any SSL secured website, the new secured Google search page will being with prefix of ‘https’. User who use this new search page, will not presented with additional search options such as, Image Search and Maps, for the sole reason that, these services do not support SSL protocol. Also, as the transferring of the data between browsers and Google servers will be secured, hence there could a minute delay in search results.

According to Google,

“Google will still maintain search data to improve your search quality and to provide better service. Searching over SSL doesn’t reduce the data sent to Google — it only hides that data from third parties who seek it. And clicking on any of the web results, including Google universal search results for unsupported services like Google Images, could take you out of SSL mode.”

Via Official Google Blog