Google Profiles may Become Synonymous with Online Identity

If you have been worried about what comes up when people Google your name, your fears are not unfounded. Whatever shows up on the first and second pages f the results can either make or break you. Thus, Google has launched the Google Profiles services, which lets you how much information you can share or not share.

You could start with not revealing your full name or going up to revealing everything you want. Google profiles are not a new phenomenon but somehow the whole thing is catching up and perhaps they might become the only online profile ever required by one person. The profile lets you share your Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles as you want.

I would however be skeptical about handing over my identity to one particular company just because it has an authoritarian rule over the Internet. Nevertheless, Google Profiles have an unmatched future in the world of Internet as they hold the opportunity to becoming the face of virtual identity of people.

via: Chip Chick


  1. Ian Draper

    Only recently was l offered the chance to provide a google profile and l have received nothing but excellent comments from clients, members and followers of my updates across the web. Excellent work google and even though l am not an associate l use google chrome browser and have tested a lot of labs features. To other people out there in web-land l am a novice totally self-taught but google has given me the chance to build my network. Next step advertising google adsense and adwords. of course. Thank you for this excellent site and l will return again. Ian PS Please check out my profile at and let me know.

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