Google Releases Some Expensive Accessories for Glass Through a Web Store

Google Glass has created a buzz in the market. The new concept has the potential to not only create a new product line but trigger the development of an accessory industry. Before others could get the idea Google has quietly opened a web store for Glass accessories. These are early days and it is not clear how successful Google Glass will become as a concept. Google is also being careful and has made a small start. The new web store is open right now to a small number of Glass Explorers. The Google Glass is priced at $1,500 and the accessories are also expensive. A pouch for your Google Glass will cost you $50.

The Accessories are Priced Between $50 and $75

The Web Store for Google Glass has only four items at the moment and all of them cost $50 or more. There are extra mono ear buds which carry a price tag of $50. Extra chargers and carrying pouches have also been positioned in the same price bracket. The new online store is also offering a protective shield which costs even more at $75. The protective shield has been designed for the new Glass hardware the company has announced this week. The accessory is not compatible with the hardware which had been released earlier. Google Glass is still evolving and it will take some time to create a wider range of accessories.

Google Glass and Its Ear Bud

Hopefully the Prices Will Come Down With Commercial Release

Google is looking at the accessories market seriously as it provides an additional revenue stream. By making exclusively designed accessories they are able to charge a premium for even simple products. If you want an extra micro USB and charger you will need to pay $50 which is rather high by any standards. The company justifies the high price by saying that the new plug is “designed specifically for Glass”. The concept of Glass has to click in a big way to be able to sustain such high prices. The price tag of $1,500 is also rather high and it will come in the way of generating really large volumes for the product. It will help the product and the concept become more successful if the company is able to revise the prices downwards by the time the first batch of consumer Glass units become available.

Via: venturebeat