Green Santa Is Coming To Town…

It’s nice to see everyone going green, even Santa Clause. But to tell you the truth, we weren’t really expecting green awareness to reach the North Pole but it sure has. A new children’s book by the name ‘Santa Goes Green’ has drawn attention of both kids as well as adults.

Authored by Anne Margaret Lewis, this book tells a story of a boy named Finn who writes to Santa asking him to help create green awareness and help the world combat global warming. Finn, apparently, has adopted a polar bear. Now, this was a very conscious decision on the part of the author as polar bears are losing their habitat owing to global warming.

The large-hearted Finn tells Santa that he does not need any toys for Christmas but he wants his help instead. Lewis says that Santa can do anything in Finn’s mind. The book is already a hit with sale of 13,000 copies last month, a significant figure for children’s books sales. The full preview is available online. A perfect Christams gift, we think!

Via ecorazzi