Green Yachts Launches Inflatable Climbing Wall for Luxury Yachts

The manufacturers of superyachts and luxury yachts are always looking for features that can give their product that extra edge to keep ahead of competition and attract the attention of their discernible and demanding clientele. The Italian company Green Yachts has come up with an innovative product that can be attached to the yachts to give the guests the opportunity to indulge in an interesting activity. It is an inflatable climbing wall that can be attached to the side of a vessel. At first instance it seems a little absurd to think of a product like this for a yacht but then people going on a yacht are primarily looking for an outdoor experience and wall climbing is an exciting experience.

The Climbing Wall Can be Fully Customized to Fit the Shape of Your Yacht

The advantage of a climbing wall on the side of a yacht is that the climbers need not be attached to security cables because even if you slip you will only fall in the sea. You simply have to climb back on board and restart your climbing expedition. Green Yachts has made the climbing wall in a standard size of 5 meters x 3 meters but it can be fully customized to suit the shape of your yacht. It is sure to give your yacht that extra edge as it adds an exciting activity that your guests can indulge in. It is a healthy activity that helps you keep fit and alert.

Inflatable Climbing Wall for Luxury Yachts

The prices Start at €13,000 for a Standard Climbing Wall

The standard climbing wall has three individual route types. Each route has been given a different color so that it can be identified easily. Each route has a different level of difficulty. The simplest route which is recommended for the beginners is marked in green. The route with the next level of difficulty or the intermediate route is marked in yellow and predictably the most difficult route is marked in red. Green Yachts had commissioned professional climbers and their extensive inputs were taken to design each route. The price of the Inflatable Climbing Wall by Green Yachts starts at €13,000 (£11,100).

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