Guy Kawasaki Presents ‘Enchantment’. An All New Book From The Famed Apple Evangelist

One of the most known faces behind the success of Apple Macintosh line of computers, a highly respected venture capitalist and a well accomplished author, Guy Kawasaki, has now introduced an all new self-authored book titled, Enchantment, that has hit the shelves of major book stores. Mr. Kawasaki, well known as one of the driving force behind the immense success of products from Apple Inc. and an ex-Apple employee has taken this is book as a medium to reach out to the numerous brands and companies out there, offering them unique insight into the critical and essential steps in becoming a well-established and popular brand.

Guy Kawasaki is currently serving as the Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures and through his newest book has given his best to enlighten the 21st century brands, as to how to reach out to the masses of the digital age and stand apart as an established brand name, as against being just another run of the mill company. Enchantment is being hailed as one of the best works till date and so far has garnered quite appreciating comments from some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the industry, such as the likes of Steve Wozniak, Richard Branson and Robert Scoble. Enchantment is currently available at Amazon for $13.74.

Via Trend Hunter