Halo: A Bicycle Lock that Alerts You of Thieves

Designer Steve Hunt has become the talk of the town, thanks to his Halo bicycle lock which looks other worldly. The lock helps you guard your cycle from thieves. Bicycle thieves may have been romanticized by certain Italian film makers but they are still annoying and require all the safety measures that one could opt for.

If anyone touches or tampers with your Halo, it would wirelessly inform you of the theft. It comes with a Wi-Fi enabled SD card called an Eye-Fi. This technology is found in digital cameras and such other gadgets. The only catch is, you should find a place with Wi-Fi signals to park your bike. If you do not find a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Halo is pretty much useless.

It is still a concept but if our cities are wirelessly connected by our governments, then one could make use of technologies such as this. It is a great idea, but just too soon. We should be able to see this in the market in a few years, if the manufacturers take interest in Steve Hunt’s concept. Moreover, it also might be a great way to reduce costs on lock and security technologies for your bicycle.

Via: Notcot