Hanazono House: An Edifice of Rusting Steel

Hanazono House is a unique residential enclave which has been built completely in steel. The house is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido and the facade has already developed the trademark reddish rust, but the owner Peter Grigg feels it protects the surface. The Hanazono house is plastered with kaiso do which absorbs odours and is thus one of the best ways to do a house.

The house is also covered with many woods like walnut, oak and rosewood. Japanese architectural trends have bordered on being bizarre t crazy, and this time around, the foreigner in Japan Mr. Peter Grigg has taken the architectural endeavour to a different level.

The house consists of open living room, kitchen and a total of five bedrooms. The house is built of steel and it remains to be seen what might happen in case of a strong earthquake as Japan is prone to tremors. Nevertheless, it is a novel and great idea to build a house in steel and wood combined. It also keeps the inhabitants warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Via: NY Times