Harness The Power Of The Sun Through Your Room’s Windows Via An All New 3M Film

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become redundant when you needed large amounts of cash to harness the power of the sun as a means of clean and renewable energy for your daily household days. Numerous researchers as well as private corporations are now devising new ways and products to ensure that the abundant solar energy is able to be transformed into low-cost power for the households. Now, an all-new visionary firm, 3M, has introduced a stunning new product that is a marvel in its simplicity. At the CEATEC 2011 event in Japan, 3M has come out with a state of the art window film that has been designed and developed to capture the incoming solar energy and turn it into renewable and efficient electric power for the household. This remarkable innovation is applied to your home’s windows in an array of translucent green strips and one patch of the 3M film is provides adequate energy to charge an iPhone. The solar film has been designed to generate power to meet a household’s energy requirements while allowing ample natural light to filter in. The 3M film is said to generate 20% energy as compared to a conventional silicon panel, but will cost significantly less than its silicon counterpart. Though the silicon panels seems to be the obvious choice when it comes to harnessing the solar energy, yet due to the low cost of the 3M film, this incredible power generation tool is extremely cost effective and even requires less space than the solar panels. Via