Harrods Displays Mock-Up of Spymaster’s Private Submarine Orcasub

The super rich around the world have regularly been in news for acquiring super yachts that allow cell phone as a gps tracker them to explore the high seas in luxurious comfort. But those who want to explore the deep seas have an option now. Spymaster who have been in the business of designing and best professional writing services making security devices is now offering a private submarine. Harrods, in their Technology 2.0 Showcase surprised the visitors by displaying a mock-up of the private submarine by Spymaster. Named Orcasub, the basic model will cost cheap essay $2 million. The submarine designed for recreation has been built to Lloyd’s Register standards and is perfectly safe. writing academic papers

Orcasub by Spymaster

The Design of the Submarine is Based on the Principle of Flight

The Orcasub is 22 feet long and weighs best assignment writing service uk four tones. The basic model is capable descending to 1,000 feet and operating at that depth effortlessly. If you are willing to pay more then there are other models which have additional features and are capable of operating at greater depths. The design of the sub is based on the principles of flight. It uses the same thrust, lift and drag like any phone number tracker location private plane. The Orcasub is also controlled by a joystick and pedals and those who are used to flying their own plane will adapt to riding this sub very easily and effortlessly.

360 Degree Open View Pod

Spymaster Will Provide Five Day Training to the http://androidphonetracker24.com/ Buyer

The private submarine has a fairly long range as the battery that powers it is good for 80 hours. The sub has two 360 degree open view pods and is equipped with multi-beam collision avoidance sonar. The sub boasts of a digital long range communication system that keeps you connected to the rest of the world. You can see clearly in the deep as the sub is fitted with a 6,000 lumen Nuytco Newt Sun ultra LED lighting system. The buyer of the submarine will be provided with five days training by Spymaster. The training program is part of the price. The top end of the Orcasub range is priced at $9.32 million and is capable of operating at a depth of 6,000 feet. The super rich owners of mega yachts could now ask for a submarine as a new amenity with their yacht.

Orcasub at Harrods

Via: pocket-lint, dvice