Harry Winston Create a Stephen Burks Designed Jewelry Box Carved Out of Quartz

Fine and intricate jewelry needs well designed jewelry boxes and the latest to be showcased at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy is a stunning one of a kind by Harry Winston. It is a meticulously designed piece which is as precious as the jewelry pieces it is designed to hold. It is an exquisitely designed box with compartments and sections to hold every kind of ornament. This one off creation was made possible by Wallpaper magazine who commissioned this specially designed box for their annual Hand Made issue. They asked Harry Winston to create something special for the occasion and they in turn teamed up with Stephen Burks to create something unique.

Harry Winston Handmade jewellery box

The Unique Jewelry Box Carved Out of Transparent Quartz is an Objet D’Art

Stephen Burks is one of the most respected industrial designers of his generation. The designer came up to the challenge and what he has created is not a utility item but an objet d’art which is unique in the true sense of the word. It is different and more precious than any other jewelry box because it has been hand carved from a single piece of transparent quartz. One of its unique aspects is that you can actually see every piece of jewelry from its transparent exteriors. The unique jewelry box was unveiled at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy and was highly appreciated by both visitors and critics.

Harry Winston Handmade Jewellery Box Open

Each Piece of Jewelry Rests on a Custom Designed Stand

Sandrine de Laage, Global Vice President and Art Director for Harry Winston, Inc. was clear from the very beginning that they had to create something absolutely new and unexpected as it was going to be part of the  Wallpaper Magazine’s Handmade Exhibition at the Gallery Leclettico in Milan. They were focused in creating a jewelry box that was as rare, and precious, as the diamonds. Another unique aspect of the box is each piece of jewelry nestles in its own custom-designed stand, which sits atop a crystal tray. It is not only the jewelry pieces but the hand-carved latticework of the case is also visible from outside. The emerald cut silhouette makes it a perfect jewelry box.