Hermès Releases Silk Knot App to Help You Tie Elegant and Unconventional Scarf Knots

Hermès does everything beautifully and their digital initiatives are as beautiful and charming like their real creations. They have released the Hermès Silk Knot phone app and it is as beautiful as their websites and Le Monde d’Hermes. It is charming, inspirational and a feast for the eyes. It is created to guide you to tie six different styles of knots with your scarf. The app features step-by-step videos and pictures so that you get the Hermès Silk Knot perfectly. The app is available in both English and French and has been released by Hermes International.

Users Can Try Different Knots and Post Photos on Instagram

This stylish app is made for both iPhone and iPad. The app is compatible for iPod touch also but has been optimized for iPhone 5. The app shows you some elegant and unconventional ways of tying the knot. You can literally play around with your Hermès scarf. The French fashion house has been known for their interactive philosophy and their new app is designed to act as your own mobile stylist. They are encouraging the users to try out different knotting ways and post photos on Instagram. If your style stands out as original then it might even feature in an updated version of the application. An updated version will be released every season and a series of new and original knots will be added every time.

Silk Knots App by Hermes

The App Provides an Insight into the Hermès Silk Universe

This lifestyle app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store. It is a 342 MB app that includes 20 new Hermès knotting cards and a brief look at the Autumn/Winter collection’s scarf section. The app also provides an insight into the Hermès Silk universe. The app can be downloaded free and hopes to get you more involved in the world of scarves. A scarf can very often be the differentiator and help you stand out even in a fashionable crowd. The app will surely encourage you to grow your scarf collection and Hermes silk offers some of the best options. They are regularly adding new designs to their collection and after the launch of the app it will become a more focused and regular affair.

Via: itunes.apple