Hidden Radio Seeks Support and Encouragement

The Hidden Radio has been designed by the collaboration of John Van nieuwenhuizen, a

San Francisco-based designer and Vitor Santa Maria, Milan-based designer. You could enjoy your weekends with recharged batteries that support more than thirty hours of continuous music with good volume and clarity in sound. With its 3.5 mm audio plug you could plug it into any device without the functionality of Bluetooth. It is available in three colors: white, graphite black and metallic silver. There is also the built in FM/AM radio and if you want the device turned on you have to simply twist and lift the cap. If you lift it further you hear more volumeand the volume of the speaker goes up to 80dB.

The simple device is not only classic but an unnoticeable home décor. Already $50K has been spent for the development of the device. The designers are almost ready to begin the production; if they can sell about 1000 units they can make it happen. The designers are currently looking for funding to start mass production. They still need global Bluetooth certifications, first production run and Injection molding tools. The project needs about $125000 to begin mass production.

As it is a Kickstarter project, sufficient number of pledges are needed to reach the target of funding to get the ideal tooling for the production of the Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker. If you are interested in supporting them at Kickstarter, make a pledge of $119. Shipping is scheduled by March 2012.

Via: KickStarter