Hiplok is a Bicycle Lock that can be Worn as a Belt by the Rider while Riding

The bicycle lock is something you have to carry out of necessity for the security of your bicycle. There are so many types of locks to choose from. In terms of safety that they provide there is not much to choose from. How conveniently you carry the lock while riding could influence your choice. Some have to be carried in a backpack, some can be clipped to the mounting bracket and some chain locks can be looped around the torso.

The new design of bicycle lock on the market is called Hiplok and it has been designed to be worn like a belt. It is basically a heavy-duty chain but looks like a belt because it is covered by a smart nylon sleeve. The padlock at the end of the chain works like a buckle when you are wearing it like a belt while riding.

The makers of Hiplok claim that it is the most convenient to carry. You don’t need to carry a backpack just to carry your lock. Hiplok doesn’t interfere with to look of your bike like some locks that have to be attached to the frame. Wearing a chain lock around the torso is not considered entirely safe by experts in case of accidents. Hiplok is available online in five attractive color combinations. It weighs 1.8 kg and costs $114.

Via: bicycledesign