Hiromi Kiroki Makes the Computer Smaller for Sony

The computer is getting smaller and smaller. Going at this rate, one day will soon arrive when we can strap our computer on our wrists. Sony is trying to do that exactly.  The Sony Nextep Computer designed by Hiromi Kiriki is in the concept stage but is expected to become reality by 2020, just 7 years from now. This wrist computer will have an OLED touch screen that will be flexible enough to be wrapped around your wrist. A holographic projector will take the place of a screen, thus saving space and making it a lot more futuristic. The keyboard can be pulled out from the device to enable easy typing.

The concept is very important in the world of design. It is kind of like the theoretical part of applied physics. Einstein came up with the theory and formula of mass energy equivalence and today we have nuclear energy. The same way, we can hope that such concepts will herald an even greater stage of technology. We are seeing a lot of activity in the arena of making compact technology. We have heard a lot about the Google glasses. Apple has already done a lot by making very small versions of the PC aka the iPad.

Wrist Computer Concept

It will be very interesting to see what becomes of these concepts. These days engineers from different research facilities and companies have been surprising us with their ingenuity. In today’s world, anything is possible. It was just a few years back when we had giant cellphones that did nothing but make calls. Now we have cellphones that have incorporated functions of the internet, ipod, camera, all into one tiny gadget. Seven years is not a long time and this surely be worth the wait. In 2020 we will look back at this article and smile as the prediction comes true.