Hotels In The U.K Will Now Screen The Guests For Their Reputation Before Checking Them In

Regardless of the amount of money one owns, there are certain habits that are nearly impossible for a person to let go of and when these habits become a part of a person’s social lifestyle, then it becomes a huge problem. One such habit is the compulsive need of a guest to siphon off amenities from their hotel rooms, regardless of the standard of the hotels and without giving a second thought to the disgrace, such an activity would bring to the guests.

Now, hotels in the U.K have decided to relay on an all new database called, GuestScan, wherein, around 10,000 hotels as well as Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) will become a part of the subscription based database, that will enable these hotels to get valuable information in regards to their guests, before they check in. Some of the top topics of information available through this database will be in regards to the infractions like stealing towels, breaking things and general bad behavior. The brains behind this incredible new concept, British businessman Neil Campbell, stated that, GuestScan came into existence after one of his friends who owns a B&B came across a guest, who is described by Mr. Campbell as a “visitor from hell“. GuestScan is scheduled to be launched in the U.K and the black listed guests will be shown in the list for up to two to four years.

Via Breaking Travel News