How About Lights That Look Like Sushi?

If you are one of those forever looking for the most bizzarely gorgeous items for your home decor to make it different from the regular clutches of the modern armor that we know just a little too well, don’t feel alone because we are with you. Which is why, we always appreciate those who think out of the box to give us modern items for our home that are as unique as you are as a person.

Welcome Lumolar’s Fish-Shaped Accent Lights. This Canadian design firm was inspired by Sushi and gave it shape in the Soft Shell Baby Fish Tied LED that it is being greatly recognised for! The designers reveal that they were commissioned to design a sushi restaurant and that’s when the thought of a fish inspired lighting came to them for the first time.

We hear that the lights are not only unique by design but the technology too is a wee bit different from mainstream. For starters, the lights change colors too. Based on LED lighting, these accent lights have been designed while keeping the interests of Mother Nature in mind. So, be sure that these come with 80,000-hour life span, 80% energy savings and have a mercury-free construction offered by LUXEON Rebel LEDs. Find them at Luxil.

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