IBM makes technology projections for 2015

Every year IBM interview three thousand researchers to know which technologies will explode in five years. The query result of 2010 just came out, and the big trend for 2015, according to the researchers, is called holographic smartphones, made possible by pico-projectors that line of reasoning in them, are so common in the future devices as cameras are today.

The other bets are:

* Rechargeable batteries with air (and lasting up to ten times more than current);
* Information derived from environmental sensors and smart phones in cars, and
* Towns-powered heat from computers and servers.

Although exciting, it is worth remembering that these forecasts are susceptible to failure.

In 2006, for example, the IBM researchers bet heavily on instant translation of a dialogue, something that even today, it’s more science fiction than reality. Some things in this harvest, as the application for the iPhone and that Word Lens prototype from Microsoft Research, are important steps in that direction, but we are still far from the ideal scenario.

Another? Interactive and social environments in three dimensions, aka Second Life-like environments, have also been considered as the next major technological innovation. Second Life, perhaps the largest example of this type of application, peaked supported by pure hype, and did not take long to fall into oblivion.

Via: Bloomberg.