iFlyz Makes your Travel Entertaining!

If flying has been boring and not getting the seat by the window more annoying, you may perhaps be checking out videos on your iPod or other media device. However, nor can you hold the device for too long nor can you ask your fellow passenger to hold it for you.

The solution comes in the form of iFlyz, which allows hands free viewing of your media device. You can just fix the iFlyz to the meal tray, secure it with a clip suction cup, and then push the button. You can use the iFlyz with almost all major media devices like the iPhone, Zune, iTouch, and many more.

The gadget does not come with many features nor does it have any advanced technology. Nevertheless, it works well and costs $29.99. If you do not travel much, you may perhaps will not need it. In addition, I am not sure if this could be used in buses where there are meal trays present. If it works there, then I am sure there will be many takers. Nevertheless, it is a cool device.

Via: ChipChick