IMO Coffee Maker Has An Awesome Design

Coffee drinkers consider it a tragedy when they can’t get their daily dosage caffeine kick. Like addicts, they’ll hunger after the perfect cup of coffee. Usually this means going to a Cafe or getting a huge coffee maker installed at home but perhaps soon they can have a nifty portable coffee maker.

The IMO coffee maker has been designed by Alisson Wilson Ströher, student designer, from Curitiba, Brazil. Designed to provide users with a new and unique experience while making their own cup of coffee or serving someone else, the coffee maker is a practical device that can make three sachets of coffee, one at a time, without changing the water in the reservoir. The intereting design includes an articulated arm which can be used in different positions to provide for containers of varying heights. Designed as a home appliance, the coffee maker is targeted at anyone who values convenience.

The coffee maker is just a concept but its unique design may be seen in a product soon. If it does reach the manufacturing stage, the coffee maker would be available for about $130.

Thanks to Ströher for the images and info!

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imo coffee maker