Independent Bookstore Takes a Stand to Stem the Decline in Publishing Industry

The music industry was the first to be impacted by the technology that made it possible to download music without buying it. They did not know what hit them but have responded with strategies to avoid the loss of revenue and have been working on developing new streams of revenue. The publishing industry is facing the same threat today. Increasing costs on one hand and the dropping sales on the other have put the publishers under tremendous pressure.

The whole country is witnessing the closure of mega-stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble. With dropping sales they were unable to keep their operations viable. Everyone is now discussing the future of the publishing industry with the impact of the eBooks increasing every day. But an independent bookstore has taken a stand and has caught the attention of the media. Fleeting Pages is a small bookseller who is taking a symbolic step to protest against the decision and halt the process.

Fleeting Pages has declared they will be launching a pop-up shop in the now closing Borders in Pittsburgh beginning April 30th. They have planned to take alternative steps to reverse the trend. They would be selling material by independent publishers and some self published books. They will be organizing workshops and readings in order to try and get the book buying public to discuss the challenges facing the publishing industry. For the moment they have decided to occupy the Borders premises only for a month. But they will be using that time in taking ideas from the local artistic community for different kinds of events as a way to reconnect those who feel isolated from this faltering medium.