Integrated Sound System of Tranquility Pod Vibrates With Music to Lull You to Sleep

It is said that you should be careful while choosing your shoes and bed as you are either in your shoes or in your bed. A good bed means a good night’s sleep which can recharge you for the next day. The Tranquility Pod is not just a bed but a mini heaven that makes sleeping an extraordinary experience. The Pod has a futuristic design which reminds us of the Zero Day bed we had seen a few years back. But the Tranquility Pod is basically a water bed which can literally lull you to sleep.

The Shell of the Pod is Hand Crafted with Fiberglass Blocks

The Tranquility Pod is aesthetically very attractive with a glossy exterior. It has an elliptical opening and an octagonal water bed inside. It is covered with a sued top and memory foam cushion. The bed comes with two lofty suede pillows. The shell of the Pod is hand crafted with fiberglass blocks. It is designed in a way that it cuts out ninety percent of the outside noise to ensure a restful sleep for the user. The Pod is fitted with an integrated 80 watt four speaker sound system that can play the music through your iPhone or any other smart phone. The pod enables you to physically feel the music.

Tranquility Pod

It Will Cost $30,000 to Buyers in USA

The subwoofer of the sound system is positioned in such a way that it generates gentle vibration through the bed. It is a relaxing experience for the user if the choice of the music and its rhythm is soothing. A biofeedback system has been integrated with the bed that is capable of measuring heart rate of the person sleeping in the bed through its sensor. The bed also features 50 LED lights that help to create ambient mood lighting. Along with these high tech features comes the temperature control system that allows you to set the temperature of the bed in which you feel the most comfortable. Hammacher Schlemmer have the exclusive rights to sell the Tranquility Pod in USA. And finally, the Pod carries a heavy price tag of $30,000