Intelligent and Smart Women More Prone to Alcoholism

A recent study conducted by the London School of Economics reveal that educated women are more likely to indulge in excessive drinking.

The researches conducted this study on around 1000 people born in 1970 in the same week. It was interesting to see that, according to their research, they could predict the women’s alcohol drinking pattern at the age of 5 years itself. Those who scored high scores and medium scores, they were more likely to drink more frequently later in their lives.

Another interesting finding of the research was that 86 % women who had degrees were frequent drinkers than those with none. 71 % of the women who had some kind of educational qualification were also more likely to have drinking habits. Many women with drinking problems were also found to have children late in their lives or were from middle-class family with parents who drank often. Others had active social life, male dominated workplace, and stressful professional lives. Women were found to drink heavily in their thirties.

It’s rather surprising that educated and smart women, who were more than capable of understanding the ill effects of alcohol abuse, were the ones to succumb to it.