IntelliTunes Digital Jukebox Adds A Touch Of Nostalgia

Jukeboxes remind me of an era long gone and now it is almost ancient. Like we always find everything that is old cool and classy, there would be many takers for a Jukebox that comes with a dash of style and a pinch of technology. The IntelliTunes Digital Jukebox can play your mp3 and choose songs from you iPod play list. The jukebox also supports wireless Internet and comes with touchscreen controls, and the Internet streaming radio totally kicks ass.

The jukebox comes with 2 LCD screens, one 8″ and the other 15″. You could choose to mount this on the wall or can use this to liven up your parties in the basement. The IntelliTunes Digital Jukebox can store about 50,000 songs and the Ultra HiFi 360 Watts of sound will make sure your neighbors will either curse you or join the party.

If you thought night it just needs to be switched off, you could make the Jukebox turn into a virtual aquarium that suits the decor of your room/living space. The screen displays lifelike fish and ameliorates the look of your living space. The IntelliTunes Digital Jukebox costs $3995.

Via: ChipChick