Introducing The All New Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder. A Must Have For All Travelers

For most us travelers and globe-trotters, the thrill of exploring the world around us and the opportunity to delve deeper into the customs, traditions and lifestyles of other regions is one of the most appetizing reasons to hop from one place to another. However, no matter how exciting traveling might be, it still carriers a touch sour taste, especially if you wind up losing your luggage due to the negligence of irresponsible airlines or for any other reason. Such a loss can most definitely put a dent in your entire trip. However, worry no more, X-Treme Geek has now come with out with an all new product called,  Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder that has been designed and developed specifically for such an eventuality. This remarkably nifty little gadget  enables you to sit back and relax, while your luggage comes out on the conveyor belt at an airport.

This magnificent device comes with  electronic luggage tag that has been designed to carry a wireless transmitter and along with wireless key chain recognition device, you’ll be able to easily claim your baggage without having to stand amidst the crowd and search for your Samsonite visually. To avoid confusion between other luggage with similar technology, Easy2Pick comes with unique codes that are tethered to your device alone. You will be immediately alerted via a beep from the keychain, when your luggage comes in the proximity of 20 meters, which is also the operating range of the wireless luggage finder.  This incredible new must have travel accessory comes with a stunning 100 hour battery life and carries a price tag of $24.95.

Via Redferret & X-Treme Geek