Introducing The All New Revolutionary Personal Robot, Luna From RoboDynamics

The world of robotics has witnessed a tremendous evolutionary climb when it comes to their applications in the realms of commerce, medicine, defense, among other fields. However, the world of personalized robots that have been so dramatically featured in various Hollywood blockbusters has now finally started to pick up pace as more and more technology companies are looking into the prospects of building the perfect personal robot. California based, telepresence company, RoboDynamics has now introduced an all new programmable, open-source household robot that goes by the name of Luna. The Luna runs on LunaOS, a Linux based operating system and on a full battery charge, this incredible personal robot can function for a full eight hours.

As per reports on the specification of Luna, this marvelous cute robot is powered by a 2GHz Dual Core Atom processor and comes with a built in nVidia 94000M GPU, along with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and Luna also features 8GB of internal storage that can be further upgraded to 32GB. On the outside, the Luna comes with an 8 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen display, while sporting an impressive 8MP camera with digital zoom. As per the company’s revelation, about 1,000 Luna units will be initially released to the markets in the 4th quarter of 2011 and will be carrying a price tag of $3,000 per unit. Also, RoboDynamics intends to bring 25 limited edition Luna units for auction, where in the proceeds will be given to the RoboDynamics Educational Outreach Program. This noble initiative will see the giveaway distribution of Luna robots to qualified students and university researchers.


According to Fred Nikgohar (CEO, RoboDynamics).

“Luna is a radical rethinking of personal robots and we believe a beautifully designed, human sized, open, and affordable personal robot will spark a flurry of innovations similar to what we’ve already seen in parallel industries such as PCs and Mobiles.”


Via Engadget