Introducing The Stunning New Flying Yacht From Designer, Yelken Octuri

The world of luxury yachts has been a witness to some of the most remarkable design innovations and so is the case with the aviation industry. However, Yelken Octuri, a world renowned designer has now accomplished an unbelievable task by merging the world of yachts and aviation into one gorgeous neat package. We are talking about the all new Seaplane-convertible sailing yacht, a sea going luxury yacht that can use its masts to act as wings and transform into a seaplane. Designed and developed for Masqat Airways, this remarkable innovation is powered by four dual propellers “Nissen & Brasseur” powerhead engines and the craft can attain a maximum speed of 390 km/h. To accomplish this incredible feat, Yelken Octuri designed the masts of the yacht in such a fashion that the four masts form the wings of the seaplane when the sails are retracted.

The Seaplane-convertible sailing yacht was essentially designed for the upper echelon of Masqat Airways, namely Princes Aziz, Dawood & Hashim as well as the corporate executives of the company. This marvelous seaplane/yacht enables its occupants to cruise around the Omani coastline and cover a distance of 600 km when in plane mode and can be easily transformed into a trimaran yacht. The lower deck of this magnificent yacht leads to a kitchen, a toilet and a storage room, while the upper deck consists of three rooms and a bathroom. The masts of the seaplane/yacht in the ‘Boat Mode’ become home to the four sails and the sails themselves spread about 1,302 sq. m. and this yacht has a top speed of 242 miles per hour.