iRobot Cooking Up Some Very Interesting Inventions

iRobot hasn’t brought out anything recently but they have been busy with some great projects and we will be giving you a sneak peek into them. Follow on. Their latest project is called the iAdapt responsive cleaning technology, which will enable their devices to clean any room or a part of in thoroughly and properly. This project is nearing its finish.

But there are other very interesting projects that are in their infancy. One of them when reaches its final form will become an asset to the military as machines with this technology will be able to tread difficult terrains and get clear and detailed pictures of the areas that the army needs to get familiar with. These devices will weigh just about one pound and will be so small as to be scattered over a wide terrain without anyone knowing about it.

Then there are the really cool Jambots that are basically shape shifting soft robots. Sounds like Terminator 2′s T-1000 liquid metal robot? The company has been trying to bring these inventions to the limelight and also to see whether they can be applied in the real world. If not immediately, then maybe in some time in the future I am sure these interesting little inventions would definitely go a long way.

Via: Chipchick