Now Iron your Clothes with SteamRail

Research shows that we spend 160 hours a year pressing our clothes which would round up to around a year and a half over a lifetime. Ironing and creasing is a crisis that will send the most accomplished domestic woman in a tizzy. Will I ever spend a day without wasting a few hours in the laundry room? It is a question that bewilders every woman – homemaker as well as a professional. Considered to be the most dreary of all household chores, pressing comes only in third in line after cleaning the bathrooms and de-greasing the oven. It’s a pity that despite the gadget invasion in our lives, the iron is perhaps the only electronic product that has been clearly neglected by technology. Washing machines and dryers have clearly revolutionized the way we do our laundry but ironing continues to be as archaic.

Now, the question is if we want to while away the hours doing something as mundane as pressing or should we instead use that time to spend with our family and loved ones or just settle inside our cosy blankets with a book and some steaming hot coffee. The workers at Display sense suggest that we do the latter. Their recently launched product will assist us in doing so. A British Company, Display sense specializes in supplying mannequins and other related store accessories to plush Malls and stores all across England. Their recent creation is not a fancy store accessory that will lure you to the shop but a steam cabinet that will give you the much needed respite from all the pressing and creasing. Known as the SteamRail, it is a product “that is the first of its kind”, says Jim Moody, the Company’s spokesperson. An unconventional product, SteamRail is actually a steam cabinet that will crease 35 clothes and that too without an iron. Confused? Read on to know how!

The SteamRail and How it Works?

The SteamRail comes with a standing steam module, a tube and a cabinet. It is required of you to fill the steam module with the water. The water is converted into steam and is pumped into the cabinet through the tube. The decreased and wrinkled clothes which are hanging in your cabinet will get an adequate amount of heat and moisture. The process gets done in a jiffy, 9 minutes to be more appropriate, and what you have are smart creased clothes ready to be placed in your wardrobe. If you’re late for work just hang in there and let the SteamRail do all the steaming and ironing. Within seconds your will have fresh well pressed clothes that are ready to wear.

The SteamRail does come with a lot of baggage (module, tube, cabinet) but the fact that it can be folded and put under the bed and conveniently stored anywhere in the house makes it a very easy to use product cost. While there are many ironing products that cost as high as £280, the SteamRail comes with a price tag of only £234. Very reasonable if compared to the other similar products available in the market.

The makers have sure spent a long time in developing this very unique product. Make sure that a SteamRail soon occupies a corner in your house so that you spend more time in other leisure activities than whining away in the laundry room.