Is everything a big joke?

The bad taste of the people seems not to have limits.

A Swedish which caused alarm after posting a video on YouTube threatening to open fire at a shopping center around noon this Thursday in the city of Gothenburg, told the police that all nothing more than a joke.

In the video of poor technical quality, the Swede appears with a scarf covering the face. Looking at the camera, he talks about the plan to cause a bloodbath at the mall Nordstan, Gothenburg. “These hateful subjects will be executed. Day October 30 at noon and half, Nordstan. I swear, they will die,” threatened.

The video was discovered by a user of YouTube, which gave the alert. The mall took the threat seriously, and came into contact with the police. When it was realized the impact of the threat in the media, the man voluntarily contacted the police to apologize. “He called us and said he was the person responsible for the video,” said the spokesman of the police in the region of Västra Götaland, Stefan Gustafsson.

“When we find, I found that he was actually the person who appeared in the video,” he said. The man, who is 25 and lives in Gothenburg, said then that it had never intended to implement the threat. “It was a kind of joke. The intention was not causing a commotion,” reported the spokesman.

The police have not yet decided whether to open investigation and bring the case forward. “We will discuss the case with a promoter and make a decision,” said the police spokesman.

Probably this man will be penalized in some way, otherwise, one of the most developed countries in the world will be commonplace in mass murder or terrorism.

Via: Folha.