Jade Barnes Richardson Creates Uber Arty Coat Hangers

Jade Barnes Richardson really knows what to do with all those hangers lying around in the closet. If you thought you could not handle all those hangers anymore, you should do what Jade did and create yourself a Hangers. Hangers is a series of coat racks which not only look cool but are also pretty functional.


They look postmodern and help you hang your clothes, suits, bags and other stuff in a chic manner while making your room look like it belongs to an artist. You could try and build it yourself and if you can’t, you can always go ahead and contact Jade so that she can build one for you.


I love such innovative designs that are creative, good to look at and also pretty functional. I am sure it hardly took any trouble for Jade to create this, but it certainly looks awesome and thus deserves a great deal of appreciation. So go ahead and turn your room into a contemporary art gallery!

Via: Design Milk