Jessica Minh Anh to Showcase Her Cutting Edge Designs on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Jessica Minh Anh, the founder of J Fashion Show will showcase her new collection in a fashion show to be organized atop a giant glass platform called the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The fashion industry is always looking for ways to attract the attention of viewers and devising unusual ways of showcasing their designs. The circular walkway has been erected 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon. The models walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk will literally be on top of the world. The American landmark’s circular walkway is considered to the best new glass bridge and it overlooks the vast vacuum beneath.

The Skywalk on the Grand Canyon

Minh Anh had Earlier Turned the Giant Glass Boat into a Runway

The unusual fashion show is scheduled to take place on November 1, later this year. The models in their heels will feel like they are walking in the sky as they will be able to see through the glass floor, the Grand Canyon, 4000 feet below. The J Autumn haute couture and ready-to-wear collections are expected to create a great impact from the dramatic stage. It is not unusual any more of avant garde designers organizing fashion shows at extraordinary venues. Minh Anh is also not new to this trend as last year she had turned the giant glass boat Le Jean Brue into a floating runway on Paris’ River Siena.

Walkin on the Sky

Petronas Twin Tower’s Sky Bridge, Malaysia Hosted a Fashion Show

Jessica Minh Anh believes that her cutting edge designs need to be showcased in cutting edge locations. The skywalk on the Grand Canyon is definitely a cutting edge location but it has a reputation of sweeping off everything in the strong winds prevailing there. It promises to be a spectacle and is sure to be covered extensively. Models who are not comfortable with heights will find it challenging walking down the Eagle’s Point without looking down. The designer feels that the exciting event will inspire people. A similar fashion show was held on the Petronas Twin Tower’s Sky Bridge in Malaysia. Eagle’s Point is even more exotic as a location as it is located amidst America’s most stunning landscape.

Via: independent