Joe Biden said that Julian Assange seems to be a high-tech terrorist

The vice president of the United States has made very strong statements against Julian Assange. Joe Biden said the founder of the site WikiLeaks, which disclosed many secret documents Americans, is on the high-tech terrorism.

This is the biggest criticism on Assange made by some member of the Obama administration. Biden said that the information leaked diplomatic, he put lives at risk and make more difficult for the United States to conduct business around the world.

Biden was interviewed on the NBC network, Meet the Press, Biden was asked whether the government could prevent future leaks. He replied that the Justice Department was looking for it. However, it is known that the major difficulty is to find a U.S. law upon which to frame Assange.

Biden also was asked if what was done Assange crime, the vice president suggested that would be considered a crime if it is established that he encouraged or helped Bradley Manning, analyst with U.S. intelligence suspected of leaking the information. Biden said if Assange conspired to take confidential information with a member of the U.S. army, the situation is quite different from that of a journalist who receives the material passively.

When asked if Assange looked more like a “high-tech terrorist” than a “stool pigeon”, Biden said he looked more like the first, as it endangered the lives of people and, moreover, U.S. hindered negotiations.

Via: The Guardian.