Joules the Robot Rides a Bike!

You would certainly know about Joules if you are interested in robotics and electronics. Though you can’t put Joules under a particular category, you would also not want to put Carl under a certain category. Carl is the creator of Joules and Joules rides bikes better than I can ride.

The robot riding a bike is one of the oldest science fiction themes but it still looks sorta nice, which makes me want to watch the video again. There is no information about either its price or availability and I am sure you would want something like this for yourself. He cycle however is balanced by smaller wheels, just like kids bikes are.

The whole scene of an android riding a bike reminds me of situations where robots would one day be our drivers, our servants etc. You really should check out the video as it is pretty cool! Joules thus comes across as this cute robot who likes riding bikes more than working under command.

Via: gizmodo