Key Lamp, Try Just For The Fun Of It

If only you could lock that special moment in life! Well, designer Hyun-Woo Sim makes it a reality with his Key Lamp. Agreed that you can’t lock life but light you can. Done up in scintillating white, the lamp is like your regular lighting device but with a very significant difference.

To switch on the Key Lamp you have to use a key to move the switch to a certain position and vice versa. A very cool, out of the box idea, it will let you play smart alec with your partner. It will be sheer enjoyment to see him or her go mad trying to figure out a way to turn the lamp off. And then if you want, you can say ‘come get the key’. We know, how popular that game is with both young and the grown-ups.

Some might find the lamp stupid too. We won’t contradict them because the Key Lamp is actually an unnecessary accessory for your room. You don’t need it but it can definitely spice up…oops… light up…the atmosphere wherever it’s placed. You can try it just for its novelity.

Via yankodesign