Lacquerous Lets Your Rent the Best in Nail Polish

Renting a high end product that is a trend that is catching on and expanding to new areas. Lacquerous is new company that provides a subscription based service and allows its members to rent several bottles of high-end nail polishes for up to a month. This ‘Netflix of nail polish’ was founded by Ashlene Nand and Liza Kindred who claim that it is a practice identical to the experience people go through in a traditional nail salon as the staff there share polish among clients who are getting manicures and pedicures. However, sharing beauty products is not the same as sharing cars, DVDs or even spare bedrooms. But Ms Kindered is confident that people will get used to the idea and become comfortable about it.

The Members Can Choose 3 Polishes From a Selection of 70 Colors

The founders are very cautious about the hygienic part of the business and inspect each bottle for impurities and unsanitary conditions before it is forwarded to the next customer. Nail polish has an inherent advantage as bacteria can’t survive in it for long. The toluene and formaldehyde make sure that all germs in the bottle are killed. The registered members for the service need to pay a subscription fee of $18 a month. They are entitled to select three polishes from a selection of 70 colors. They stock colors by renowned designers like Dolce and Gabanna, Chanel and Dior. They can return the bottles after 30 days in a prepaid envelope and choose the next three colors.

Lacquerous Founders to Raise Angel Funding

Ms. Nand had come up with this concept when she said she started to acquire a nail polish addiction. She couldn’t afford to keep buying $30 bottles of nail polish and checked Google to see if anybody rented nail polish or not but drew a blank. She knew in her heart that there were many women like her and prepared a presentation for the idea. She knew Ms Kindered as a consultant for fashion companies and
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approached her with the idea. Both were confident about the idea and decided to go into business together. The business is being financed with their own money and some capital raised from family and friends. They are test marketing at the moment with only 100 members but the interest is high and the founders hope to raise a round of angel investment to help them expand the business.

Via: bits.blogs.nytimes