Lady GaGa and Her Bizarre Headgear at the DeGeneres Show

Lady GaGa turned up in the most bizarre headgear that resembled a gyroscope at the Ellen DeGeneres show. Lady GaGa claimed that her weird headgear was an orbit and a way to shield her and called it a “GaGa barrier”. The host of the show, Ellen took no offense and was rather a good sport. She eventually even managed to hug and welcome her guest before the chat session began.

Lady GaGa, or Stefani Germanotta who is to be credited for her smashing pop number “Poker Face” or “Just dance” said that she never gave up in this career and that endurance led to her success. She has been playing piano since she was four years old and writing songs since she was 13 years old. Lady GaGa dazzled the audience at the show with the music she played at the piano and her weird approach to piano playing.


Lady GaGa showed her appreciation and admiration for Ellen whom she said she looked up to for all that she has done for the lesbian and gay community. The 23 year old star even claimed that she was indeed honored to be at Ellen DeGeneres show.

Via: Dailymail